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BREAKING: Guy With Something To Prove Wearing Shorts Right Now


Edit by the Daily Pennsylvanian, photos by The University of Pennsylvania, Pixabay / CC0

Winter has officially arrived in Philadelphia, and plenty of students have been enjoying the recent snowy weather. As temperatures have dropped below freezing, most people have donned thick layers, coats, and hats and gloves. But not Dylan Bigmann (W ‘23). 

Despite the cold, Dylan continues to wear the baggy athletic shorts that are typically associated with summer months. While some have expressed concern over the blue-ish color of his legs as he walks across campus, Dylan says he refuses to “conform to mainstream media’s fashion agenda.”

According to Dylan, it's all part of the alpha mindset. “If you tell yourself you’re not cold, you won’t be c-c-cold,” he told us, teeth chattering. “These betas walking around with their legs covered just shows that this campus is full of p-p-pussies. Did your mommy tell you to dress warm for the chilly weather? Figures. My mother has never even said the words ‘I love you’ because she doesn’t want me to be weak like you fucking pansies.”

Dylan had to run because he was on his way to watch The Wolf of Wall Street for the third time that week, but he did ask us to follow his fitness account on Instagram, @big_mann_lifts. 

“It’s got 47 followers now. My dad is finally super proud of me. I think.”