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BREAKING: Mini Pret to Be Built in Pret Inside Huntsman Hall


Photo (with edits) by Maya Kreger

In an effort to streamline efficiency in the loving Wharton community and ease US-French relations, a Mini Pret a Manger is set to be built inside the Pret located in Huntsman Hall. This new miniature Pret is undergoing rapid construction, thanks to funds being diverted from lesser institutions such as the office of financial aid, community outreach, and the College of Arts and Sciences. This historic addition would mark a record as Huntsman Hall will soon be the first building in over a century to house three gorgeous gorgeous Prets!

No longer will you have to wait in line for an authentic, fresh from Paris, almond croissant on your way to money class, or whatever they teach there. Now, thanks to the new teeny tiny Pret, you can purchase a croissant with your hard-earned dining dollars in the itsy-bitsy Pret while in line for a steaming hot, watered-down coffee! This eenie-beanie Pret opens new avenues for efficiency within the fast-casual croissant business. And let me tell you, this business is a-boomin’. 

While this itty bitty Pret solves the vast majority of the University’s immediate issues, there are some major disputes that can benefit from an even smaller Pret. To the relief of millions of concerned citizens, beloved French President Emmanuel Macron and Wharton Dean Erica H. James have entered a high-stakes agreement to construct a state-of-the-art microscopic Pret inside the mini Pret inside Huntsman. This decision has been heralded as a triumph of international relations.

Welcome to the future and Vive la France!