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Penn to Open Branch Campus in Cancun for Spring Break Classes


Life is full of surprises. But one constant in my life has been seeing sorority sisters and fraternity brothers make their annual migration to the tropics for spring break. Details of their trip are documented on the critically acclaimed social media app Instagram

In an effort to make spring break profitable and incorporate their new physical education requirement, Penn has opened a branch campus in Cancun, Mexico. 

Penn Cancun will be open annually for the entire month of March so that Penn can acquire tuition from students of all universities. In order to make sure they are supporting arts and culture on campus, each dining experience will include free reusable cups for Penn acapella groups to practice singing the cup song. With the pop-up poolside Pret, Penn students will have yet another place to spend their dining dollars. And with the new LOVE sign, parents of prospective students can force their children to smile for a picture! With all of these amenities, it’ll be like you never left West Philly!

Penn Cancun will offer new and unique courses like The Physics of Sandcastles and Crypto for Dummies. The curriculum will even include Drumming 101 and Math 170, classes where students can show up intoxicated and still understand the content! 

Penn Cancun has adopted Capital One’s infamous slogan. So I will leave you with one final thought… What’s in your wallet?