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Next Big Stars in Fiction: Boys Who Ask/Answer Questions in My Political Thought Class


The shit of bull is an art. Bullshit as the common man would have it. Bullocks? Baloney? Bologna? “Would Niccolò Machiavelli have agreed with the interpretation of his own text as a performance of fellatio on Lorenzo di Piero de' Medici (yes, in my villa we refer to him by his full name)?” – Synonyms that capture the same essence of the words that come out of the mouths of garçon stupide in my political thought class. These boys may see themselves as men or thinkers or philosophers or renaissance men. Labels are too confusing; truly a problem that comes with modern political thought. Certainly, as much as they are men, equal by their vulnerability to being killed by each other (or me out of annoyance, just kidding, that's the silly Eve-like woman coming out of me! They’re not even vulnerable to being killed by me because I’m not a human like them), they are also artists. Behold the art and the artist, put in plain vernacular English: Art: Bullshit; Artist: Political Science Boys. 

Art comes in many forms. It is what separates man from beast. In entering the social contract, man becomes capable of enjoying and creating such worldly objects. Art comes in many forms. I’m sure the aforementioned political science boys look at their excrement covered papier toilettes and think to themselves, “Everything I pull out of my royal arse is brilliant. Art!” I do not share the distinct privilege of admiring their shit stains. Alas, it would be too much for me as a member of the weaker sex. However, a great honor has been bestowed upon me. I am allowed to sit still and look pretty while the political science boys ask my (their, know your place woman) professor questions. They produce great art on the spot: the art of fiction. Ugh! It’s like a play! It’s like being around Harvey Weinstein; their minds are just so <3 <3. The creative juices are flowing and I know they think that panties are soaking. Sorry lads, only yours! I’m just enjoying your creativity from a literary perspective. Yeah, call me Emma Bovary. The connections you think of, who would have thought of them?? You must be sitting and stewing on how to sound stupid, pretentious, and obnoxious all at once! Truly impressive. I look forward to seeing your performances of Fox News and reading your articles in Turning Point USA or Wattpad if all else fails. 

Fiction before fact, because PSCI *** is all about showing off your creativity, thinking outside the box, even if every law of nature tells you not to.