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Guy in Cinema Studies Class Keeps Comparing Everything to Madagascar


Photo by Zoonar (with edits)

Some would say it’s in bad taste to compare the opening scene of Casablanca to the opening scene of Madagascar, but for Jeremy Griffin (C’ 23), that’s just a day in the life of his current CIMS class.

Despite it almost never being applicable, Griffin manages to connect any high-brow, Criterion Collection-type film to the 2005 movie that stars David Schwimmer as a talking giraffe.

“I think that what everyone has been saying about Citizen Kane and how it relates to capitalism is spot-on, but I’d also add that it reminds me of that one scene where all the monkeys sing about how much they love to peel open bananas and eat them,” Griffin said during a recent lecture.

While others in the class are focused on how they can impress the professor by talking about the mise-en-scène or the types of cuts and cameras utilized, Griffin is far more focused on asserting Madagascar’s status as a film worthy of equal, if not more, praise than the high-level films being discussed.

Madagascar made $550 million at the box office. How much did All the President’s Men make? A couple pesos?”