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Celebrate? Nobody in My 8:30 Math Recitation Knows Today Is My Birthday


Photo (with edits) by Pixabay / CC by 2.0

I arrive just on time to DRL for my 8:30 AM Math 104 Recitation. Sure, it seems like just about any other day. There’s 5 out of the 40 students enrolled present. I appear to be taking notes, but I am actually browsing the interweb. There’s all sorts of numbers and symbols on the board, each with a particular meaning I have yet to understand. It all seems ordinary.

But, no. Today is different. 

It’s my birthday, and I’m celebrating it in style: learning introductory calculus at 8:30 am. Sure, it’s not every young girl’s dream, but what am I supposed to do, skip class?

What if the 4 other students that showed up catch on that I’m a year older? Can they tell my Starbucks drink was purchased via the birthday reward? Are there any other pisces in the room?

There’s a distinct feeling in the air, could it be the existential dread that comes with aging? Or maybe it’s just the stuffiness of the room…

Shit, my space gray iPhone is ringing– it’s Nana calling to sing me happy birthday. Should I put her on speaker? Fuck it! It’s my birthday and I want to hear her serenade out loud, calculus can wait.