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Penn Promises Pizza At Recess To The Class That Uploads The Most Vaccine Cards

Photo by Roxilier with edits // cc by 2.0

A Message to the Penn Undergraduates


 Associate Provost and Chief Wellness Officer

We are glad that you are having such a thrilling start to the semester, it is wonderful to see students having so much fun. As you are aware, you are supposed to wear masks at all times while inside and at indoor events. These seem like fun enough conditions. What is not fun, though, are the rising COVID-19 rates on campus. We’re not too sure how this has happened, especially because of the aforementioned guidelines we have laid out. Yet, we believe it is becoming clear that fun comes with a cost, and you all are paying it. 

However, in the spirit of looking ahead, we want to offer an incentive for you to help us lower the rates! We are introducing a friendly competition between our undergraduate classes. 

The university will throw a pizza party during recess for the class with the greatest percentage of uploads of COVID booster shot information. It will be held during lunchtime in Sammy’s backlot, courtesy of Sigma Alpha Mu. Pizza will be provided by Allegros. Pizza slices will be limited to one per person and will be a generous two inches in width. Upload your vaccine information before March 5th at 11:59pm, and we will announce the winner the next day. We will keep you updated as you continue to follow our guidelines. We know you must be looking forward to this exciting event. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!