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Rerouting The Tri Delta Spring Break Trip: The Girls are Now Going To Rural India!


Travel Update! The sisters of renowned sorority Delta Delta Delta have canceled their Miami plans, opting to visit the town of Kharagpur, West Bengal this March. They hope to spread sisterhood, love, and their strong Christian morals upon their arrival.

The decision was made in an effort to add more content to the Philanthropy and Diversity highlights of the UPenn Tri Delta Instagram. The organization has hired a photographer to accompany them, using funds initially allocated toward home construction projects. The sisters plan to take pictures with lots of Indian children, and even take one home with them if they really like their vibe.

Delta Delta Delta Communications Liaison Social Public Affairs Chair Head offered her thoughts on the matter, saying that she “draws inspiration from 19th century Britain.” She hopes that “the immigrants” (the term she exclusively uses to refer to people who live in India) will “welcome her and her sisters with open arms.” If met with resistance, who knows what the ladies of Tri Delt might do—they’re just so crazy and wild like that! Regardless, the University of Pennsylvania wishes them the best of luck and all the support, love, and armed forces they may need on their journey. Best wishes, sisters!