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Damn: Kid I Bullied in High School Actually Doing Pretty Well for Himself


Photo by Aidan Jones / CC BY-SA 2.0

Well, I’ll be. The boy I relentlessly bullied and tormented in high school is actually doing pretty well for himself these days.

It's just so crazy to think that the bright-eyed kid I once gave swirlies to in the bathrooms by the gymnasium before 6th period English... is now a well-put-together man with a bright future. I guess he studied hard, and it seems like it paid off — in a big way. Geez! It’s so surreal to see the guy whose tighty-whities I hoisted up on the school flagpole that one time in 10th grade really carve a niche out for himself, you know what I mean?

Like, it was just yesterday that I was hearing his strained yelps of pain after I prodded him a couple times with the end of a paperclip I had heated up using one of the Bunsen burners in chem lab, and now I’m hearing his voice on the radio, on the TV! I heard that he actually wrote a book or something, which is super impressive. Figures, I always did see him sitting in the library. In fact, he changed his location every day so that I wouldn’t be able to find him, grab him by the neck, slip off his glasses, unceremoniously crush them under my nylon tactical boots, laugh in his face, and call him names like “four-eyes” and “puny Poindexter.” This guy, always thinking on his feet.

I’m so happy for him and his newfound success. I just hope he remembers me the next time he gets kicked in the balls while walking home from the ice cream shop.