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Uh Oh! This Class Is Interesting, But the People in It Are Ugly and Weird


Photo by avatar-1 / CC BY-SA 2.0 

Wow! This interdisciplinary course on modern interpretations of Marxism has a fantastic lineup of readings, and the professor is great. The material is both engaging and challenging — I can’t wait for all this brilliant theory to penetrate my noggin. 

Unfortunately, the other students in this class are ugly and weird. Many of them seem to think they’re watching a Twitch live stream, saying “Poggers!” or “10,000 IQ” every time the professor says anything. Most of the incels — excuse me, most of the students — don’t understand how to adequately light their faces on Zoom, and when most of them speak, they seem to think they are Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The professor is too nice to tell these students how awful they are, which is a shame. Nothing would put these rats in their place like a few rounds of personal attacks. For now, I’ll resign myself to typing “dumb point” in the Zoom chat every time one of them speaks.