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Penn Leasing the Radian Next Year? We Are All Just Dust on a Rock Floating in Space

Photo by Astronomy Magazine w/ edits // cc 2.0

The University of Pennsylvania has begun a renovation of the Quadrangle that will take at least three years and as long as thirty, and it might not even happen. As a result, they will begin leasing the Radian next year as sophomore on campus housing, and you and I are on this cosmic journey together. A moment ago, we were freshmen, running naked around the quad, goo-goo and ga-gaing. Now we are upperclassmen, filled with envy and anger that decays the soul. All because we heard that the Radian is very nice, very fancy. 

When I first heard the news, I was thrilled to accept the offer to move out of the highrises. I jumped with joy, finally some news that has to do with ME! It seems that all the Daily Pennsylvania publishes these days is in regard to student athletes, endowments, and “dining guides”. Obviously, readership on their site has fallen in the last few months. Back to me, I immediately began goo-goo and ga-gaing again, my heart lifted and I felt hope for the first time in months. The Radian is very nice, very fancy. It leases for $2,545 a month which is amazingly less than paying roughly $50 a minute to live in on campus housing. Oh the money I would be saving, the views I would be enjoying, the single bedroom I would be sleeping in! It was then that the messenger of the news shook me out of my trance. “It’s not until next year!” She roared as I had just finished packing all of my kitchen ware and was moving on to the bathroom. 

I fell to my knees with tupperwares in my hands and saw this truly miniscule situation with clarity. 

Nothing matters. 

Even if I were to live in Harrison for the rest of my life, what would it matter? Even if they never stop renovating the Quad, people will live and die. People will eat and breathe and sleep and the world will rotate around the sun. You and I are nothing more than specks of dust on a celestial trip. “The Radian” is a concept, “the Quad” is a concept, “on-campus housing” is a concept, and “Penn'' is the greatest concept of them all. It amounts to nothing when you realize that beyond this galaxy there is another and another and another and another and another. My nihilist perspective allowed me to lift the burden of angst from my shoulders. All I ask now is that you hold my hand as we speed towards oblivion.