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Slay Yes, Mama! Girl with Slicked Back Bun Goes to Gym to Walk on Treadmill for 10 Minutes


Photo by Riley Guggenhime

Bella Hadid, who? 

A girl with shocking resemblance to internationally acclaimed supermodel Bella Hadid with a glorious SBB (slicked back bun) was reported to be walking with extreme elegance on a treadmill yesterday at Pottruck Gym & Gardens. Her bold choice of athleisure attire shined against the otherwise dull lululemon sets, bringing forth an illuminating beacon of hope in these dark times. While her tenure on the treadmill was short lived, all eyes were on her for the 8.5 minutes (rounds up to 10!) of brisk walking/strutting. 

Within seconds, crowds appeared at the window overlooking the treadmills to observe the impeccable glistening hairstyle. Dozens of food truck patrons paused their purchases to stare in awe. Dare I say, the nation stood still to witness Her. And witness they did!

Airpods Pro in and hair slicked, she felt positively rapturous. With every step in her Adidas Sambas (black colorway), she felt her soul leave her body, leaving behind just the shell of a slicked back bun. Bow down, gym-goers!

In an immediate response to this Moment, Penn Dining has released plans to make both protein powder and hair gel an integral part of the dining experience. Rejoice, dry scoopers, rejoice!

Is this the new face of student athletes? Somebody get this bitch a scooter!