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OP-ED: Why Don’t We Throw Parties During the Day? Dayparty? Drarty?


Photo by Maura Pinder

My perfectly regulated sleep cycle makes one thing hard: staying up late. I usually get sleepy around 9 each night and tuck myself in at 9:30, before watching tasteful ASMR videos until I fall asleep at 10 PM SHARP every night. Lately, though, I've been getting invited to a lot of parties - some of you may be familiar with this, but others may not, so I will explain. Usually, a text gets sent out or I receive a Facebook invite saying something like "BACKLOT 11PM BE THERE!" or "ROLL ZBT LATE NIGHT."

Here is where the problem lies, I am too sleepy. I am downright tired by 11 and I usually end up missing out on these awesome parties (of which I am invited to many). These parties are inaccessible to morning people, and it is nearly impossible to have pleasant conversations in the dead of night when I cannot see because it is dark because it is night.

Why are we waging war on our circadian rhythm? Why are we forcing ourselves to brave the dark, cold, Philadelphia night, when we could just do all of the exact things that you do at a party (talk, dance, etc.) during the day?

I am coming forth as someone who thinks we should have day parties. I know the name is a bit clunky, but I have been workshopping a few nicknames:

·  LunchJams

·  AfternoonFests

·  Midday Celebrations

·  Drarties

I do not think that my idea is unreasonable, in fact it is incredibly reasonable. ZBT, Phi, Theos, HEAR ME NOW! Get in on this idea at the ground floor!