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Photo Essay: Why Don't You Care That We're In The Poconos?

Credit: Maya Kreger , Carey Salvin

As young, bright, svelte college students, we naturally made the trek to the Poconos for fall break. You might be thinking to yourself, why did I click on this “article”? Well, mayhaps you have the urge to live vicariously through two of Penn’s youngest, brightest, and sveltest minds. Please, follow us through our journey to what we like to call The Alps of Eastern Pennsylvania… or… The Poconos. 

foto 0

We packed lightly: one Michigan State Nike duffel bag, one Patagonia Black Hole (60L), one Fjallraven Kånken, one Everlane weekender, one tote bag (girly pink), and one Patagonia Refugio (28L). 

foto 1

Q: How many girls does it take to fill the tire (with low pressure) of a Zipcar named Carbon Footprint? A: Infinite. We never fixed it, but that didn’t stop us from driving all weekend through the treacherous mountain roads with a low tire pressure warning.

foto 3

Breaking the fast at the Plymouth Meeting Cracker Barrel. Here, along with a glamorous meal and a table for 5, author Carey Salvin (C ‘25) made the purchase of a lifetime – Cracker Barrel brand earrings for 3.18 USD, purchased with her Apple credit card.  

foto 4 v.2

Our Airbnb was dog friendly. 

foto 5

We were so hungry, so we stopped for a full meal – black iced coffee. Mmmmm!

foto 6

Retail Therapy! We swung by the local Skechers outlet to check out their fresh styles. While we were there, we forgot about our hardships, if only for a mere second. We bathed in the sunlight of a thousand discount sneakers and time seemed to stop still. 

foto 7

We took a side trip to New York City! Sike, it’s just Leggings New York, your go-to retailer for leggings and legging related products. 

foto 8

FUCK! We’re on top of a mountain and the zipcar named Carbon Footprint won’t turn on! Zipcar representative Frederick Winkelstein (no relation to Beth Winkelstein) had no clue how well we know our way around a Kia Soul, telling us merely to turn the key. When that didn't work, wunderkind and author Maya Kreger (C ‘25) googled ‘how to turn car on’ and watched the first youtube video that popped up –  effectively saving us from mortal peril. Reach out for more details.

foto 9

We’ll just let this picture speak for itself.


Upon inspection, our traveling companions insisted on being included in our pièce de résistance. Are you happy now? 

final foto

Well, and that’s that. I hope you enjoyed our journey as much as we did. See you all on campus (we are changèd women).