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This Frat Party Was Just Okay... Then It Played Pepas


I (19 M) was hopping around a bit last weekend, function to function, you know how it is. The life of a super cool socially active Penn student isn’t easy, and sometimes being so in-demand by every fraternity gets exhausting. You may be wondering, “don’t all these parties get sort of repetitive?” And, let me tell you, they did, until last night. 

It was a party like no other – elevated surfaces, LED lights, floor sinking every time the crowd jumped, a ton of hot sweaty strangers pressed up against you – a truly unique experience. Still, with all of those positives, I felt like there was something missing. Something that could turn this soiree into a blowout, some sort of missing X factor. Right then- right then and there, everything changed.

The skinny, pimple-faced, virginity-retaining DJ behind the stand flipped one of those weird little knobs and on came Pepas. Bro. You ever heard that song, bro? I don’t know what they’re saying or what Pepas means, but right at that moment, this shindig became legendary. The energy of that dank basement turned electric. Why doesn't every frat play this song?