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OP-ED: I’m Smiling Due to My Joy!


Photo by Daniel Scanlon

No, it’s not the Biolux™ Dentures – I’m smiling due to my joy!

Every day, the world reveals itself to me, cathartic spasms and all. Life is a Michelangelo sculpture.

It’s 6:30 AM. I emerge from a sedating weighted blanket and interface with the world until the world bestows me with the privilege of doing it all over again the next day. 

A failed situationship did not derail my life for four months!

Recently, the urge to take to the page has me in its thralls. Everything (is embarrassing) exists and has always existed and will exist and will cease to exist! Neat!

I am savoring solo walks along South Street, arugula salads from the dining hall, lectures about the municipal bond market, and crying to songs that I used to not cry to. You’re discovering yourself, diva! Embrace the change!

I’d be the best spokesperson for BetterHelp™ except I’ve never used  BetterHelp(™) and this is my ego talking, here to tell you that my story is compelling. 

I grew up in Miami, Florida, where 75 degrees is considered chilly and Crocs™ and feet are interchangeable concepts. You have to hop across the sand in a frantic dance to preserve your precious flesh. 

It’s cool here in Philadelphia. It’s been cool for years. I feel better after listening to Adele’s discography and realizing her nineteen looks a lot different than mine. 

Things didn’t go the way I wanted them to, but when I look in the mirror I recognize myself. I have a streak on Duolingo. I stretch in the morning. I read specific chapters of bell hooks on specific days. My bike got stolen and I had the courage to tell my dad about it. Alas. 

I’m smiling due to my joy!