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OP-ED: My Ethnic Nose is Carrying This Diversity Initiative

Photo By Anishka Sheth / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Arab noses can be so beautiful, darling.

For why am I not leading this initiative that I am clearly indirectly spearheading? Why am I on the back burner as your childlike glee (small white nose, that of a greek person’s watered-down sharp features) overcomes my manliest of poise?

Yet here you stand, amidst the most diverse of groups - the diversity initiative of a Wharton club.

You are white. I am not. You are a boy, I am a man; a man who has been wronged.

In a crowded room, amidst suited men whose features are oh-so white darling, I am erected proudly; my nose extends into the horizon in an oh-so-gorgeous way.

Please, when you assign me to a project aimed to further the diversity of this school, think of me softly and kindly. 

Think of how you are actively excluding me from the wonders of inclusivity.

Think of how you tore me down.