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Oh Shit! This Song Makes Me Want to Move My Body in Ways I’ve Never Moved Before

The authors dancing in the ballroom that is the Class of 1920 Commons Dining Hall.

This past weekènd, we were at a social soirèe with some of our closest acquaintances. Upon entrance, we encountered a lackluster scene. No formidable music was present, nor were any good feelings to be had. They didn't even have champagne, only sparkling wine… from *gag* Milan *gag*. (P.s. There is NOTHING to do in Milan. It is DEVOID of activity.) How were we supposed to quench our dire thirst with this pedestrian imbibement? 

Twenty (20) minutes into the festivities, we were ready to depart. As we began our rounds of “goodbye, ta ta, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen ja, adieu,” a vibe shift commencèd. From the phonograph in the corner, came the most delightful tune! 


Myy bodyyyyy it’s JUST moving moving moving out of CONTROL

Danse, dance, dAAAAAAAANCE! 

These mOvEmEnTs, they have never been done, never been seen before! 

Witness me, sweet guests! 

Witness me move. 


and forth

and back

and forth.

Our hips sway like the waves in the Mediterranean (where we frequently summer).

The sweet prophetic sounds of Flo Rida’s Club Can’t Handle Me ft. David Guetta caused our chakras to align in a way that caused us to question everything. The space between our cells widened as we sang along to Flo Rida’s mantras. Once the song started, it felt like it never stopped. Our bodies moved in ways they never have before, nor will they ever again. It seems as though our minds were severed from our bodies into two distinct units. When we woke up the next morning, half-way across the world, we started our lives anew. Refreshed and ready for a better tomorrow, we entered the world as citizens of planet earth, increasingly aware of the meaning and power of within