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Such Activity! My Roommate Does a Mad Fit Dance Workout While I Lounge Wistfully on the Couch


My view from said couch.

Credit: Maya Kreger

I love to participate in healthy habits. Whether it’s sleeping for a full 24 hours to attain beautifully clear skin and a happy heart, or going on a diet of only truly delicious food, I’m all for keeping my body at its all-time physical (and emotional if I have time because that’s not as important) peak. That’s why I am studying really hard this semester. No, I’m not wasting my time on the traditional classes offered at Penn. That would be absurd. Instead, I’m focusing on the art of dance workouts, specifically those of my roommate BeBanna Hochwoman (C ‘25). 

BeBanna, or Anna as I like to call her, moves her body to the smooth sounds of Dua Lipa like no other girl has ever done before. Through a series of rapid-fire and slightly interpretative dance moves, she keeps her body as toned as a goddess. During her Mad Fit Dance Workouts, she enters another spatial domain, while I remain in the periphery of my current dimension, yearning for a more content tomorrow. Oh well.  

One may ask, Maya, why don’t you participate in these Youtube workouts? Well, dear reader, I am simply not ready. I must remain on the plush vinyl couch for the time being, simply because it is BeBanna’s world, not mine. For now, engaging in a Mad Fit Workout is merely an unattainable dream, one that I reach for, but never quite reach. 

Hey, it’s ok. Don’t pity me, don’t you dare. I’ll remain on the couch for now, fantasizing about my future at home workout career. It’s ok because maybe, just maybe, the next fiscal year will be mine for dancing my heart out and just barely breaking a sweat.