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Lin Reveal! Family Weekend Exposes if Parents Are Lame or Fuckable

Photos, with edits, from Flickr, NegativeSpace / CC0

Family weekend brings all kinds of parents to campus. Some want to see where their kid eats lunch, and some want to relive their college glory days by drinking beer with 20-year-olds. Either way, it’s the long-awaited event of the season for many. Even if your parents don’t come, it’s still an exciting time — you already know that your roommate is rich, now it's time to see if they also have a hot dad.

A cursory scroll through Instagram reveals the results of the weekend.

College sophomore Ava Worthaton posted a cute pic showing off “the best big ever”: her mom. They’re cheers-ing what appears to be a margarita at a colorful Mexican restaurant. Now that’s a cool mom!

Wharton senior Jon Rich was visited by not just his parents, but his two teenage sisters as well! That is so sweet, and his dad is kinda cute, let me swipe through the slides of his post an- 


Are they all wearing matching outfits? Why are the girls all wearing the same dress? And the boys are in matching suits that coordinate… it’s giving cult. Clout lost! Jon’s dad has dropped from fuckable to lame in an instant. And I’m now seriously concerned about the safety of his mom and sisters. Blink twice if you need help!

On to the next post. More pics from this weekend... except, this girl is just hanging out with her friends? No family came to visit her? No sorority squat poses with mom? So sad! She must be poor.