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Eavesdropping on Writing Sem Brings Sophomore Tears of Nostalgia

Pexels/Andy Barbour

College Sophomore Maddison Schmitt was studying 1600 in the Weigle Information Commons in VP when she heard something familiar.

“I heard this nurturing, yet stern voice asking a class, ‘What’s the difference between a declarative and procedural rhetorical outline,’ and it was like stepping into a time machine,” Schmitt told UTB. “Do I remember the answer to that writing sem question? Not at all. But I was transported back to my freshman fall."

Schmitt teared up at the memory of that afternoon in Weigle. “I could see the class, everyone looked so innocent and hopeful. The professor said they were going to do their first on demand writing assignment the next week, and then I started sobbing. It was a simpler time; I still considered myself pre-med, ate McClelland eight times a week, and protested Castle.”

Schmitt’s friend, Allison Shoemaker, who is still hanging onto her pre-med dreams and has yet to show interest in consulting, was with Schmitt when she broke down. “I totally sympathized with Allison. Those were the days. My most difficult assignments were my white paper and portfolio.”

Both students agreed that while they felt nostalgic about their writing seminars. Would they take a writing seminar again if they could?

“No way!” said Schmitt. “I’d rather shower barefoot in the Quad than take a writing sem as a sophomore.”