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I Lived It: My Roommate Boiled Her Menstrual Cup in My Electric Kettle

Pexels/Anna Pou/Walmart

What was that taste? Tangy? Metallic? The first sip of my black tea tasted a little... mauvais. I didn’t do anything different. I used the same electric kettle, the same black tea packets I take from Commons by the handful. In fact, I haven’t cleaned my kettle since September.

I picked up my kettle and felt something role around. Did my roommate boil an extremely large tea bag in there? I popped the top open and peered inside. I was shocked. Inside, there was a silicone, bell shaped contraption. The water also looked a little pinkish. Could it be?

A menstrual cup?

I called out to my roommate. “Hey Jessica, uh, did you leave something in my electric kettle?

She popped her head in my door. “Oh yeah, I’ve been boiling my menstrual cup in there since September! It’s the most hygienic way to disinfect it after weekly use,” she said, and walked away.

I stood there in shock. I’m all for reusable period products. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a few pairs of Thinx period panties in my drawer. But this was too far. So, every morning that I enjoy my earl grey blend, I’ve been sipping on the remnants of my roomie’s uterine lining? Every bowl of breakfast cereal has been eaten with a side of vaginal fluid and blood?

Jessica popped her head back in. “Also, I’ve been pouring off menstrual fluid into your house plants. It’s chock full of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium! I think that’s why they’re doing so well!”