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Damn: Insufferable Rich Kid Actually Pretty Drippy


Photo Credit // logan primm (with edits) 

“Damn, he does have that drip though,” I thought to myself as I walked past him on Locust. This guy... kinda sucks. For one, he is always talking to his friends during our lecture and it makes it hard for me to hear what our professor is saying. Not only that, but he has friends in our lecture! What a tool. I think he is in one of the cool fraternities, and to be honest he is probably more goated than I am. Furthermore, I heard him talking to his endless friends about his PS5. I want a PS5!

Despite these decidedly insufferable characteristics, I must concede that this kid fucking dripsssss. He drips to the extent that I am ready to forgive the transgressions listed above. He pulls up to lecture in the most exotic materials. The other day, my drippy friend from home sent me some ACG that just popped up on Grailed and I thought, “Wow. That is heat.” No joke the kid pulls up to lecture in the Fleece Anorak Balaclava the next day. Dude is coming close to Parisian exchange student level drip, although I have yet to see him master the longing cig in front of Van Pelt type drip, which is a whole different ball game. Maybe someday, son. Maybe someday.