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OP-ED: I Love Venn Diagrams

Photo Credit: Abdullah "Faresi" Alfaresi / The Daily Pennsylvanian

I really do! I loooovvveee Venn Diagrams.

It's just something about those three circles and the analysis about where is the intersection right?

Yeah I see people... you agree with me right? Ok so, so I asked my team... (I brought props).

I think meeting others midway is killing me. I satiate my upset stomach with stale coffee that others offer me. I take Benadryl at 9AM (I have horrible allergies) and I eat Allegro's Pizza at 11pm during afterparties.

I don't know if sticking to my beliefs upholds the venn diagram of my life.

I love venn diagrams though. They allow me to enjoy sour patch kids (yum! Easy carbs) while simultaneously lifting twice my weight (petite and svelte as it may be).

If you need to be mean be mean to me I can take it and put it inside of the analysis area–the area in between the three circles of my venn diagram.

You know what else is circular? Life. Escape this samsara. Wake up. This is no longer just a venn diagram.

You need to stop meeting people halfway.

Be true to yourself, beloved.