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Here Are 5 Places on Campus for Woeful English Majors to Brood in And/ Or Weep At

Photo by Liwa Sun

1 corner seat of UBB

The right angle of the table pointing towards your atrium

2 UBB bathroom

Who is knocking outside who is knocking outside who is knocking who is who is knock and another knock I open the door into your face would that be the equivalent of a knock

3 the corner of the line at UBB

The closest I will ever come to 

The closest I will ever come to that 10-dollar lox sandwich 

4 the area in UBB for you to stand with a drink in hand searching for a seat to no avail

Being broadcasted from The Hague

5 office for management and administration of the decline of civilization

Having a boyfriend is ruining my life in a way that is previously unimaginable        is life in the end an aimless flocking between pernicious longing and pernicious cathexis?  Owning a Valentino blazer is so meaningless          the texts accumulate, the emails ring in moments of glee just to          just to tell you it is not so          a death drive propels me to find           to find          to find finality and resolution          in unlikely places          what do you mean that prayers won’t take effect instantaneously          for a          for a totalizing invigoration that cannot be extinguished          don’t extinguish          don’t extinguish me