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Accepted Class of 2027 Worried There Is Less Recess Time at College

By Norma Mortons/Pexels, Edited by Anna O'Neill-Dietel

April means that a lucky batch of 2,400 seventeen-year-olds and a few degenerate twenty-odd-year-olds will commit to attending Penn this fall as part of the class of 2027. In President Liz Magill's words, this is set to be one of Penn's most diverse classes, with students from 49 states and 5 countries. 

Under The Button sought to find out the incoming class's greatest hopes and fears for their next four years. 

Judy Elmer, an incoming freshman from Maine, explained, "I got so happy when I learned we could wear open toed shoes, but was pretty worried when I learned there wouldn't be a nut-free zone in the cafeteria." Elmer says she's tentatively excited about the Oasis counter. "Rice noodles and chicken breasts every day?! My old school didn't have that!"

Incoming Wharton freshman and San Francisco resident Sasha Baker says there are multiple reasons behind her committing to Penn, including some of the benefits of a Wharton degree. "I heard that there are pizza parties at Wharton all the time. I bet they even do a 100 day celebration. And I wanna try and run down one of the Huntsman escalators going up and see if I can get to the bottom." 

Westchester native Harry Brown was accepted into the class of 2027, but remained unsure if Penn was the right fit for him. "I'm worried that there's less recess time than my old school," he told UTB. Brown says that Penn's stance on indoor recess will make or break his decision. "I heard that if it rains at Princeton they have to do silent reading during recess, but my older brother told me they get free time in the gym at Penn."