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Damn, This Lovely Spring Weather Is Making Me Reflect on the Cyclical Nature of It All


Photo by Meresa García // The Daily Pennsylvanian

Damn, it’s like really nice out. But the weather app says 50% chance of rain, low of 59 Celsius high 78 Celsius for tomorrow. What should I wear?

Somedays, you wear a nice ring on your right index finger and the next day it leaves a faint green mark on you because it was never real gold, only 24K gold vermeil. I would never say vermeil out loud even though I dabble in French. I would just say gold plated. 

I wore a tank top today. Then, I got a little cold when the sun set. Damn. I should’ve planned better. I will tomorrow.

Damn. You wake up early one day to study for your Intermediate Introduction to Advanced Astrophysics test, but it turns out everything you ever needed ever was on your cheat sheet anyways. At least it worked out in the end. 

Summer is soon, like a month away even. If you put the history of the universe in one Gregorian calendar year, all the people you know and love  would be born in the last millisecond of New Year’s Eve. I wonder how that would fit into the Hebrew calendar. 

How was your spring equinox? I almost forgot to ask. Me, I’m more of a summer-solstice-type-girl, you know, braid my hair all Midsommar like.

I ordered a dozen bagels and they gave me eighteen. Which is more than a dozen. A miracle. A win, even. I thought to myself how I was starting to like it here, with the tulips blooming and the grass being bright green, but then I spent hours and hours choosing a Google Slides theme only to choose the most basic option in a desperate attempt at conformity. It was a hit. 

It was rather difficult to put those bagels in the freezer. Twelve would’ve been fine, but eighteen... that’s a lot of bagels. You know how they ask how many windows are there in New York City, or taxi cabs, or pigeons even? One for each bagel, at least.

I read somewhere that a cup of coffee a day has health benefits, which are good. I also read that it’s probably better to not drink coffee at all. How do the Starbucks olive oil drinks affect one’s health? Maybe the olive oil takes away the health benefits and you go back to square one. Or maybe it adds health benefits. I hope it's the latter for all our sakes. Yesterday, someone told me I had a youthful glow to me. I wonder how I can capitalize on that.

You count the windows and eat the bagels and wear a gold vermeil ring, but it always comes back to the lovely Spring weather. I’m sitting inside right now, but it looks sunny and temperate just outside the tempered glass window.

One day, you write a satirical article about a current event on campus. The next, you write a stream of consciousness article about nothing with a title that only vaguely has to do with it. Nay, it has everything to do with it. 

Maybe I'll sit outside today, weather permitting. Fall didn’t feel like this.