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Penny For Your Thoughts; Miss, For a Dollar; And Other Ways to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

Credit: Carey Salvin

Folks, it’s that time of year again. Jobs, abroad, employment, studies, careers, travels, etc. all require a letter of recommendation! And if you are like me and need a little inspiration, here are some ideas:

  1. “Pardon me, SHEro”
  2. “Pleeeeeeeeeeassssseeee”
  3. “Instagram: A Great Way to Find Good Ideas!”
  4. “I usually wouldn’t ask, but this time, it’s really important”
  5. “U up?”
  6. “Hey… I think we need to talk… coffee?”
  7. “Por favor” (this one only works for Spanish professors)
  8. “Wanna get out of here and go back to your office? ;)”
  9. “You’re pretty hot for a professor. Do you have any kids my age?"
  10. “Let’s play a game! Would you rather write me a letter of recommendation or one of your students hold your family members for ransom?”
  11. “Hi so there’s an off-campus sorority date night this week, and I was wondering if you’d write me a letter of recommendation.”

Imagine you came up with these awesome email ideas but are still struggling to get that letter. You’re seeing people around you. They’re going to career fairs. Where are you? Wilcaf. Writing satire. They have jobs. You don’t. They’ve been accepted to their abroad programs. You haven’t. 


And why is that? You. Don’t. Have. Someone. To. Write. You. A. Letter. Of. Recommendation.

And why is that? You. Don’t. Go. To. Office. Hours.

And why is that? Your. Professors. Scare. You.

And why is that? You’ve. Never. Tried. To. Talk. To. Them.

And why is that? You. Are. Scared. By. Them. 

And why is that? You. Don’t. Attend. Office. Hours.

See?? It’s all connected. Think about that the next time you go and chat with your friends at your favorite on-campus café establishment rather than attending your Cognitive Neuroscience Office Hours in Levin 354.