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Omg, Nooo! Girl Whose Texts I’m Reading in Front of Me Tells Friend This Class Is Boring, Friend Agrees


Photo by Maya Kreger

Credit: Maya Kreger

I want to walk a 5K for you. I’ll give you my organs. The blood that runs through my veins. The food off my plate. Anything. Everything for you, girl. You are so bored and I know how much you hate that. I’m glad your friend relates to you, there is strength in numbers. 

When I peered towards your laptop screen, seeing you bare your soul via iMessage to your close confidant, my faith in humanity was restored. With your brutal honesty about your emotional and mental state of ennui, I felt like you heard me, and listened. You look at me and see me. I like that. 

Boredom is the ailment that festers in our bones, aching with each breath. They used to say education was a blessing. They would shout that classes are the source of all inspiration. All the students and all the townspeople loved it so. They had you. They had us. 

No. You are bored. The American Education system, built on nepotism and a false sense of social mobility, has failed to entertain you. I bleed for you. 

I have a friend who agrees, too. Echoes of compliance are so nice in the morning with some cereal. Have you ever been alone, girl? Lacking a community to foster understanding and goodwill for all? Me neither. I’m glad there’s always someone around to agree. 

At the end of class, when you packed up your laptop and my entertainment, I felt certain that you were leaving your boredom behind, for good. I’ve never been so sure of something, but I know that you’re going places, huge places. Interesting people and activities and hope and peace and love and regular exercise at the gym (3 days a week). This is nothing new. I hope you find it.