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Pledging is Over: Girl in Your Seminar Who Wears Animal Onesie Just Weird

Photo from OpenVerse / CC0

Penn marketing students were boggled this week when their fellow classmate showed up to class after Thanksgiving break still wearing an animal onesie. Students in the course, Marketing in the World of Markets, said they were not surprised when the college sophomore arrived in class one day during mid October wearing a fleece giraffe footie pajamas complete with a horned hood. 

Penn's campus was full of pledging follies for much of the autumnal season. Shopping cart races down locust,  goldfish gobbling, and the occasional forced confinement. But for most of greek life, fall pledging halted by the end of November.

Wharton Junior Sacha Jones explains, “When that girl first came into class wearing the giraffe suit, I thought, no biggie, she's probably rushing SDT or Tri Delt...bets are that this lasts until the end of November.”

Now that the student is continuing to wear the footie pajamas, Sacha is confused. “I mean, what’s up with her still wearing it? Like did she get in or not? I thought it was kinda funny but now the footie pajamas are getting kinda ratty.”

Sophomore Katy Bennet told UTB that she has several takes on why the sophomore is still wearing the footie pajamas. “I swear I’ve seen her taking pictures before she walked into class, and I always thought it was to prove to her pledge master that she was wearing her onesie, but now I’m not so sure," says Katy. "Maybe she’s like an influencer in the onesie community? Or maybe it’s a sex thing...like she's a...uh..furry?”

The enigma of the onesie still puzzles Penn students. Some think it might be some sad promo for a startup by a business frat (some app for tall people?). Other hypotheses include punishment for losing some niche fantasy sports league or that it’s part of an observational study by Wharton Behavioral Lab. Maybe she just has a bad bout of freshman flu. Hey, it gets chilly in Huntsman!