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Breaking: Girl Who Has Her Dad’s Card on Her Uber Account Venmo Requests You for Last Night


Photo Credit: visitstillwater.org/pngimg.com

“Last night was sooo fun! Can you just Venmo me $11.50 for the Uber there and back? Thaks, you’re the best!”

This was the message that two Penn students woke up to on Sunday morning. The messages would have gone unquestioned if it weren’t for a tip UTB received that day from undergraduate Allison White, who split an Uber ride with the said Venmo requester, Beth Roberts. Both Allison, Beth, and Beth’s little split an Uber to Kappa Lambda Lambda’s Late Night for Late Stage Dementia at a South Street club on Saturday night. In an exclusive interview, Allison reported that Beth bragged the past week about how her father’s card is on her Venmo account.

Allison was outraged when recounting the story. “Last week at chapter, Beth was complaining about how her dad stopped paying for her credit card, but that it didn’t matter because she still uses his card on Uber and Amazon,” sighed Allison. “Beth went on to say that she now does all of her shopping on Amazon, and has been Ubering to and from class just to spite him. I’m sure she was being serious because I saw her take an Uber from 40th and Walnut to Huntsman”

UTB reached out to Beth’s little, who declined an interview but released this statement. “Sisterhood is forever, and so are Venmo receipts. If that girl requested me, I'm paying her.”

According to other Penn undergraduates, the reality of kids requesting Ubers when their parent’s cards are on their Uber account is a campus wide epidemic. A recent survey of Penn undergraduates showed that 24% of surveyed students reported that they have been Venmo requested by someone who’s parent pays for their Uber account. A small but significant subset of Penn undergraduates also reported being Venmo requested by peers for meals that they know are paid for on a parent’s card.

College sophomore Cody Johnson told UTB that he estimated he’s paid his roommate $250 in Uber rides over the last year, only to find out that his roommate uses his mom’s card for Ubers. “My roommate and I always Uber to the airport, and that stuff racks up, so I’m naturally happy to split the cost. Then I found out last month that he uses his mom’s card on his account.” Cody is unsure whether he will approach his roommate about the cost of Ubers. "I’m lowkey scared of that guy and I don’t want to pay for $50 Ubers to PHL myself, so, uh, I’m just going to stick it out.