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Girls Gone Wild: The Hunt to Find a Little Begins!

Edited on PicCollage

As the hunt for a little begins (game on!), here are some fun activities to do with your new PC to help find your lins’ newest blonde babe:

  1. Rob a small business. And then the Barnes Collection.
  2. Get your palms read and then get mad at the person who did the reading.
  3. Get something notarized.
  4. Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.
  5. Get a bob and then then get sad about it.
  6. Take a trip to Carrie’s house, from Sex and The City.
  7. Key your freshman-year roommate’s car.
  8. Champagne and Shackle someone. 
  9. Rip your IUD out. You do not have time for that shit. 
  10. Reminisce about the golden days of Empire.