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I’m A Communications Major and Consumer Psych Minor, But I’m Different. I Like Uncut Cock.

CC. Pixabay

Yeah, I might wear a Super Puff and stack all the jewellery I got for my Bat Mitzvah on my right arm, but I’m different - I really like uncut cock

Yes, I was in Miami and Aruba for Christmas and then back to school for rush, yes and last Summer I was in New York… Yes, right by NYU!! How'd you know? Ugh, yeah I miss Washington Park Square and all that uncut cock.

Yep, I would just take the subway down to work, the L of course!!!… Yeah, marketing! I loved it… Yes, influencer marketing. But again… that uncut cock.

Yeah, I was really busy first semester… Yes, at Barry’s!! No, not the boot camp. I just love going to my grandparent’s house in New Jersey. Lots of uncut cock over there.

No, I am NOT on Hinge! That is SO embarrassing. My Bubbie and Zadie met in kindergarten! But, I bet there is a lot of uncut cock on that app…

Have you ever been to K’Far? Sooo yummy and totally authentic. Reminds me of when I did my teen tour… not much uncut cock back then though. 

Ugh, anyway, I’m glad we caught up! I’m running to a Psych Lab and then going to meet my little, but we have to do lunch so I can hear what’s going on with you!