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Mom's Pressed! I Snuck Our Dog, Nae-Nae, Into My Carry-on and Moved Her Into the Dorms

cc// Mollie Mae Benn Credit: Mollie Benn

No matter what I do, I can’t find the good in life. I’ve tried journaling. I’ve tried praying. I’ve tried couseling at CAPS even.

Until I went back home for winter break, I hadn’t felt happiness. That all changed when I saw her again. 

Nae-Nae. A gorgeous cooper-colored, wire-haired tarrier. Named by myself after the popular dance song. “Watch Me (Whip / Nae-Nae).” Hilarious. We reconnected over the break and I knew that we could never part again. 

I tried asking my mom nicely. She refused. Stupid bitch! So what did I do? I put Nae-Nae in my carry-on bag and brought her to the City of Brotherly Love. 

I know that y’all are worried but really, it was completely safe. She loved the cushiony comfort of my bag. The only hard part was getting off for the connection in Dallas. She hates that Godless place.

Besides that, we made it smoothly to Philly. The only issue was my lease agreement doesn’t allow for animals. No exceptions. But I have resources. I’d already been paying for myself to live in this house so I wouldn’t have to be in the dorms with the normies. So I just appealed to housing for permission to have an emotional support dog and Wala! My dog has her own room in Gutmann College House that I have access to.

I was thrilled by this feat, personally. My mom, not so much. She called me an ungrateful piece of shit but it was all worth it. My Nae-Nae is in her rightful place: My loving arms.