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Critical and Important: Defining 'Penn Sober'

Courtesy of Pixabay

Here's how to stay on track of your journey of becoming 'Penn sober:' 


- Trench coats

- Harrison package locker

- Staring 

- Molly (girl in your class)

- Writing seminar

- Office hours

- St. Anthony's Hall and The Kelly Writer's House

- Having nothing in your fridge but a cucumber and Tabasco sauce


- Dairy milk

- The actual post office, not University City Copy Centre

- Barry Keoghan

- Breaking your leg (weird)

- Solid Core

- "Yeah, it's at our off-campus house"

- Being mean to women (especially pretty ones) 

- Voting

- Adding people on Spotify 

- Learning to drive in Philadelphia 

- Testing (for anything)

- Vaccines

Hope this helps. Here for you, girl.