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Pi Kapp Goes Off-Campus And Rebrands As “Phi"

(08/25/15 6:58pm)

For those of you who spent NSO living under a rock reading a sad handwritten book, you might have gone to a party hosted by “Phi” and just thought it was your normal, sweaty, run-of-the-mill fraternity. But what you DON’T know, unless you’re like soo in the know, is that this new brotherhood of men is none other than the old Pi Kapp (Pi Kappa Phi), aka the latest in a long line of Panhellenic recognized Greek organizations to join Penn’s off-campus community.

NYT Calls Out Hill For Being Worse Than The Quad

(07/29/15 6:32pm)

As the summer days drift away and we near our return to Penn, it's only appropriate that the Times chime in and add to their cyberbullying SAGA (jk we had this one coming). A mere one scroll down their post, "Dorms You'll Never See on the Campus Tour," reveals this unflattering photo of Hill College House, "gap-toothed brickwork," and all.

Penn Gets Another TV Shoutout On Orange Is The New Black

(06/18/15 3:22pm)

For those whose day-to-day interests and concerns exist outside the NYU dorms and the realm of Netflix, you probably didn't see this reference to Penn on Orange Is The New Black. If you did...it's cool – we did too. But consider getting out more. Maybe a walk to somewhere other than B Bar (oof). Anyway, go Penn. We'd say this is making it.

Recap: Huntsman Protest Didn't Do SHIT

(03/05/15 7:00pm)

In a twist of events, these brethren decided to spend their Wednesday fighting a losing battle by protesting Wharton’s oppression of the College (and everyone). While we applaud their efforts, we can’t help but laugh…a lot. It’s a known fact that this issue is going nowhere. It’s a tale as old as time! But if you boys want to shake things up, we’d love to see a sit-in or a food fight. Thanks on behalf of the 81%. See you at the VP printers.

Drones, Drones, All Type of Drones

(03/03/15 9:01pm)

Chips and mints and seashell drones. Just kidding, but hey look! Someone flew a DRONE over the Schuylkill! Accompanied by no music and traveling at the speed of a brisk power walk, this drone caught some trippy images of the frozen river, serving as a reminder of how cold it is and how much we want to leave Penn for break!!! Okay, perhaps a bit of an extrapolation...but like not really. Just enjoy this minute and a half of silent bliss, and know that soon you’ll only have to vent about exams SOME of the time.

Determined Penn Student Resorts To Cross-Campus Skiing

(03/02/15 8:37pm)

Now this is what we like to see: Penn students braving the elements! Featured here is some fine cross-campus skiing, which some are calling the only socially acceptable real way to navigate campus during these trying temperatures (looking at you, DRL Lyft-ers). Just goes to show that Penn kids understand resourceful transportation, and that we’ll really stop at nothing to get to Van Pelt.

AFTER DARK: Rodin Residents Spend Thursday Night In An Elevator

(02/27/15 4:07am)

When it comes to giving believable excuses, claiming to be stuck in an elevator ranks lower than telling your hookup that “your friend is sick and you have to go.” But believe it or not, these poor souls lived everyone’s nightmare of being stuck in a Rodin elevator tonight, and man do we feel for them. We of course hope for their safety and release, but we wonder, what happened in there? Did they resort to playing Desert Island? Was it a Survivor kind of situation? Were the occupants as calm as the other people in this photo who seem unalarmed by their peers’ claustrophobic predicament? Did the pictured firemen pry them out with their medieval-esque weaponry? Did anyone emerge a hero? We’ll never really know. All we can do is hope that no one has a 12 am deadline, and that tomorrow isn’t so bad.

(02/17/15 5:00pm)

40% Off Jake's Sandwich Board Today - Another failed attempt at a snow day, but Jake's doesn't see why we still shouldn't celebrate the powdery white bliss that makes getting to class harder than actual class. Turns out EVERY TIME it snows, Jake's gives 10% for every inch we get. We'll take it.

Samantha Power To Be 2015 Commencement Speaker

(02/17/15 2:26pm)

Yes it’s true, this year’s commencement speaker will be the one and only Samantha Power aka the United States Ambassador to the U.N. aka QUITE the gal. A quick Google search will show the absurd amount of accolades she has, and reveal that she is the ORIGINAL strong, independent woman/the overachiever we all aspire to be. Not only is she an advocate for just about everyone’s rights (for the best), but also she went to Yale and Harvard and she chose to speak at PENN (that’s equal to a win in football, right?). In all seriousness, while inevitably people will cry because John Legend isn’t coming back, this is awesome news. And just LOOK at her pout! Approved.

The Best Of Ben Lerner: 23 Posts That Made Us Laugh, Learn, And Love Penn Just A Little Bit More

(02/02/15 4:00pm)

For the last five years, UTB has been led by dedicated, hilarious, and post-worthy human beings, and Ben Lerner is no exception. Besides his genuine love of the blog and its content, he loved being an integral part of our team, and he will be missed more than he can imagine. Thank you, Ben, for being a supportive, thoughtful leader, for cracking us up every time you speak, and for giving us at UTB a place here at Penn that we love. You’re fabulous, you’re flawless, and we know you’ll always be there for us…in your trailer…with a lawyer present. Absolutely.