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NY Times Wedding Announcements: Princeton Theological Seminary Is NOT Princeton University

(10/19/08 4:18pm)

The Ivy mentions in today's New York Times Wedding section are a little out of control. As I read them I actually felt bad for the few couples who had none of the historic 8 schools dotting their announcement. Well, for a minute. And then I remembered that the privilege of attending Penn is being able to look down on all those hapless Duke grads! Suckers.

Princeton Wins Another Nobel Prize; We Cry

(10/13/08 2:58pm)

We may be the home of the Wharton School, but Princeton can boast having the latest Nobel prize-winning economic theorist: Mr. Paul Krugman. This maintains Princeton's significant lead in the Penn vs. Princeton Nobel prize count. And like a typical Princetonian, Krugman was humble about it too: "To be absolutely, totally honest I thought this day might come someday, but I was absolutely convinced it wasn’t going to be this day." But do not fret, Quakers! There is a chance to have the last laugh. Princeton has not yet released its endowment returns for the past fiscal year, and if they show a decline (yes, like Penn's), that fancy shmancy prize will seem gleefully ironic. Let's keep those fingers crossed.

Sunday New York Times Wedding Announcements: Penn 1, Harvard 2.5

(10/05/08 1:27pm)

The Sunday New York Times loves to feature the wedding announcements of those with Ivy pedigrees. In fact, if your only exposure to the U.S. was the NY Times wedding announcements, you'd think everyone hails from the Northeast, went to a top 10 school and has a successful entrepreneur for a father. (Wait -- that's not true?)

Street Scooped Colbert!

(10/02/08 7:45pm)

Last night Dave Levin, one of the founders of the KIPP (Knowlege is Power Program) schools, was on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report discussing the success of his educational approach. Does this sound familiar? It's because Street ran a feature on the Knowlege is Power Program last spring. As we bask in our triumph, enjoy the clip; pay special attention to when Colbert asks Levin why the kids in KIPP can't just work in factories:

Wharton Downward Spiral Continues... To Supply Fodder For Blogging

(10/02/08 6:27pm)

We know money talks, but apparently the absence of money screams. The current economic disaster has caused Penn to descend into New York like FEMA and Wharton to create a new staff position just for helping alums find jobs. And as of this morning, the Walnut side of John M. Huntsman Hall has experienced its own name change:

We Can Study, But Can We Strut?

(09/19/08 7:01pm)

Before we all applied to Penn, we looked at those college guide books that, among other ratings, graded the looks of women on campus. I don't remember exactly what the score was, but it was a grade I certainly had never seen previously (which is why I then got into Penn). And while the women here bear the brunt of the beauty-bashing, let's be honest: the Quaker men also lack those state school good looks. APAHW and the UMC must have missed this fact, wanting us to forgo library carrels for the catwalk in honor of its annual fashion show.

Food Trucks Don't Deliver, But This Site Does

(09/17/08 7:15am)

The white whale for Penn food truckies (read: students who boldly go where all should go to eat) is finding the perfect food cart with the perfect absent line at the hour of perfection known as lunchtime. This student-created web site may not lead you to the Moby-Dick of meals, but it definitely provides all the information a food cart fanatic could ask for. And hey, if your hunt requires you to sample every truck, is that really such a bad thing?