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'I Kissed a Girl at a Party Once,' Says Woman Applying to Goldman Sachs Pride Summit


Photo by 1Day Review / CC BY 2.0

It’s official: Katie Landman (W ’21) is now Penn’s female queer icon. While dancing with one of her “girlfriends” at a frat party, Landman thought it would be a pretty slick idea to give her buddy a kiss right on that elevated surface!

“I was like where did Katie go?” her friend Molly White told UTB. “I really thought Ellen Page just up and replaced her.” 

“In that moment, I felt like I went from Disney Channel Miley Cyrus to VMA Miley,” Recalled Landman. “Just like, without Robin Thicke—yuck!” 

This regular Harvey Milk went right to Autostraddle.com to learn about the struggles of her newfound queer community. “Oh no! Lesbians are marginalized,” Landman remembers exclaiming. She then knew what she had to do.

Using her pre-existing Goldman Sachs account (with a slight modification to the sexual orientation section), she immediately applied to the queer-only pride summit. 

When asked if she was actually attracted to women, Landman responded, “Women are beautiful creatures, and I can definitely appreciate that beauty. I mean, would I ever date a woman? Probably not—I have a boyfriend. But let me ask you, do you have to be gay to be a queer icon? Take Cher for instance. Goldman Sachs would have loved to have her in its pride summit, just like they'll love to have me.”

Hopefully Landman will be accepted and she'll be able to join the ranks of these future LGBT leaders.