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'Where in New Jersey Are You From?' and 3 Other Stupid Questions Only Penn Students Ask


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

1. Where in New Jersey are you from?

Oh, you're from South Jersey? Well, no one cares. Surrounded by countless students from international hubs like Brazil, South Africa, and even Canada, we couldn't care less whether you're from Piscataway or East Rutherford.

2. Why did you choose McKinsey over Bain? 

Wow—a real-life Sophie's Choice. While we're all sympathetic to the grueling pain caused by your indecisiveness, the rest of us just figured out how to use Handshake properly, so give us some time to figure out our own problems before we can address your delightful dilemma.

3. Which frat is Benji Cohen in?

I'm sure we can narrow it down to three or four.

4. See you at Pottruck tonight?

Come on, Matt. We all know you're just going to do 20 minutes of bicep curls right before your darty and spend the rest of the time walking around the basketball courts getting dunked on.