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Student Two Bites Into Copa Nachos Already Dreading Tomorrow’s Bowel Movement


Photo by Herson Rodriguez / CC0

According to eyewitness testimony, Nursing junior Michael Huang is becoming anxious thinking about his bowel movements tomorrow only a few moments after receiving his order of nachos at Copa Banana. 

After just a few nibbles of his food, Huang quickly felt an unsettled shift in his guts. His mind immediately began down a fretful rabbit hole, imagining a violent and explosive session on the toilet tomorrow.

Early reports are suggesting that the instant Huang’s teeth and tongue felt the gooey cheese and spicy jalapeños on his loaded nachos, he became nervous about the revenge his abdomen would wreak on him in the near future. 

Surrounded by sizzling fajita trays and colorful margaritas, Huang’s mind reeled with terrifying premonitions of him on the can, clutching his midriff, sweating and groaning in agony. 

Now, only time will tell if the nachos will land in Huang’s digestive tract with a controlled explosion or a nuclear blast of monstrous proportions.