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5 Cliché Windows For Your Amateur Photoshoot of Impromptu Snowstorm


Photo by Doc Searls / CC By 2.0

Credit: Elias Rappaport

So you’re studying in one of your favorite spots — the kick drums on your "House Bangerz" playlist are bumping loud enough that everyone can hear, you’re sipping your Hydroflask full of coffee, switching rhythmically between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — the usual.  

Suddenly, you peer out the window and find specks of glistening, porcelain snow descending gracefully from the sky above. Everyone watches in awe, but you, young Ansel Adams, are compelled to document the occasion on your new iPhone XS Max. Douchebag. 

In the spirit of giving, UTB is here to help you out — here are the five most iconic spots for your amateur photoshoot of an impromptu snowstorm.

5. Moelis Reading Terrace — 6th Floor Van Pelt

Moelis, a popular study spot for groups of friends who don’t understand the definition of “quiet reading terrace," is the ideal location for your photoshoot. Moelis windows are known for their trademark glare. If you want to mimick the effects of all your favorite date night photographers, this is the spot for you. 

4. Rodin Rooftop Lounge

Sorry Harnwell and Harrison, but this one's for the big dog — Rodin College House. With elevators that work an astonishing 50% of the time, Rodin’s your best bet for those who want to get up close and personal with the clouds. Rodin has it all — well, except for a northern view. With just 270 degree panorama potential, Rodin could not take the top spot on our list. If you’re looking for a full 360, look no further than #3.

3. The Ronald O. Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics (PCPSE)

Despite having one of the most pointless abbreviations of all time, the PCPSE is the place for the panorama-loving noob. Made entirely of glass and filled with approximately one table and two chairs per floor, this austere building is panoramic heaven. So put down your Pret latte and try not to let your hands shake too much while you drag your iPhone down the barren halls of this glorified greenhouse.

2. The front seat of your UberX

This one can be tricky, but the payoff is worth it. Windshield, passenger seat window, driver's seat window — who cares about automotive safety? Next thing you know, your driver is threatening to kick you out of the car. Whatever — Give. Me. Snowflakes. 

1. The window into your icy soul

So you’ve gotten this far, huh? I think it’s time for some self-reflection. Take that massive smart phone screen and use it to take a good hard look at yourself. Who have you become? Look into those cold, dead eyes. Snowstorm who? You've got all the ice you need right here in your soul.