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Student Who Dropped Hydroflask in Middle of Lecture Changes Identity and Moves to New Zealand


Photo by McNeil Ridge / CC BY 2.0 

Engineering Junior Mercia Campbell loves her Hydroflask. She carries it everywhere with her, and at only 75 dollars, it was a pretty good bargain. It ensures that she drinks her daily gallon of water and that she doesn’t have to be ashamed of carrying around a reusable water bottle.

But the day Campbell dropped her 64oz stainless steel water vessel from a height of three feet, directly onto the concrete floor of her 1PM CIS lecture in Towne, in the middle of an important slide about linked lists, everything changed. The entire class stared at her, and she started hysterically crying. She gathered her things, including the hot pink, sticker-covered culprit, and sprinted out of the hall.

Following the event, Campbell took a train to the airport, and used her entire savings to purchase a one-way ticket to New Zealand, still crying hysterically.  

Once through security, she ran into the bathroom and shaved her head, changed her clothes, and put on her glasses — creating an entirely new identity for herself.  

She wasn’t able to rest for the entire 30-hour journey to NZ, and once there, walked from the airport into the nearest patch of forest she could find, never looking back.