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"Yo what it is fam, tryna bool doe homie?" Says White Boy from Greenwich


Photo by McKylan Mullins / CC0

The following is an unedited transcript between junior Jake Roth and his friend and fraternity brother Jeremiah Porter.

Jake: You what it is fam, tryna bool doe homie?

Jeremiah: Hey man, yeah, let’s hang out.

Jake: Word up, son. Finna hit Potty at nine oh deuce.

Jeremiah: Do you mean 9:02? That works for me. Also, you really don’t have to talk like that.

Jake: Chill, fool. I be trapping hard in my local JCC.

Jeremiah: You sold weed once to Henry Rosenbaum. And it wasn’t even weed, it was a leaf from a Japanese Maple tree. 

Jake: Whatever fam. It be like it is cause I do what I be, player.