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Album Review: Why Sheck Wes’s “MUDBOY” Is 2018's Best Album to Take a Stubborn Poo To


Photo (with edits by Elias Rappaport) by Mark Drago / CC BY 2.0; Photo by Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 4.0

2018 was a fantastic year for music. From trap music to trap-influenced pop to trap-inspired EDM to trap-flavored rock, last year really had it all.

With the rise of Spotify’s curated playlists, it’s easier than ever to switch between my “Chillin” playlist and my “Low Key” playlist. However, when I’m trying to pass a type 1 poo on the Bristol Stool Chart, and I forgot to take my flaxseed the night before, there’s no single playlist that can do the trick. Rather, I return to Sheck Wes’s 2018 debut “MUDBOY.”

The title alone reflects my predicament: I am mudboy. Even the cover can be interpreted as a picture of Sheck emerging from an anus, with poo splattered across the room, ironically also spelling Mudboy.

I allow myself to imagine that Sheck is speaking directly to me. Sheck’s signature ad-lib “BITCH!” is a reminder that when I am sitting on the can for over five minutes in DRL, unable to produce even a single pebble, I really am a bitch. On the song “Gmail,” he follows up this ad-lib by calmly muttering “yeaaaah” as if to further taunt me and reaffirm his statement of who’s being a bitch.

While the album clocks in at 49 minutes — longer than approximately 80% of my shits — if I’m lucky, I get to track 11 “Jiggy On The Shits.” At this point in my battle with constipation, my legs truly start to wobble. Clocking in at 158 BPM, if “Jiggy On The Shits” can’t get the job done, I know it’s time to buy some stool softener, laxatives, and to cancel my plans for the next 36 hours.

Sheck Wes’s “MUDBOY” has guided me through type 4 logs and type 2 craggly poos. Truly Sheck has been there through the best and worst of times.

Score (while not pooping): 4/10

Score (while pooping): 10/10