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Bookstore Flooding Ruins 3 Textbooks, Causes $2 Million in Damages

Photo by Sage Levine / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Penn Bookstore or Niagara Falls? While the store has recently reopened after suffering flooding, it appears the effects of the waters are not going away anytime soon. 

While the two recently refurbished escalators are reported safe and sound, the store is not without its damages. Witnesses say that the flooding really wasn’t too severe, but the damage is irreparable. Reports indicate that three textbooks fell victims to the flooding. 

These books were unfortunately not able to survive the rising waters. One was a physics textbook which was busy calculating the force at which the water flowed; one was a chemistry book that was more interested in the water’s pH; the final book was a psychology textbook which pondered if the waters were truly a representation of the mind and therefore simply a figment of the bookstore’s imagination. 

These three books, while all for intro-level classes, are a hefty loss for the University. The $2.0 million dollars that they are worth will have to be made up somehow. Students are to expect a tuition increase in the coming year, especially if Amy Gutmann's salary is to stay at $3.9 million.