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Student Who Focuses Best in the Shower Ruins Laptop


Photo from Pxhere / CC0

Allison Campos (C ‘20) is all about efficiency when it comes to getting the job done. One of her best ideas included taping a study guide behind a treadmill at the gym so she could literally run from her problems for motivation. 

For some reason, the sensation of pulsing water is what she needs to get her creative mind going when completing assignments. While the idea of dumping Gatorade on her head at the first sign of writers block a la the Super Bowl was deemed impractical, Campos resorts to the shower as her main source of ideas. 

Tragedy struck when Campos didn’t have enough time complete her inter-assignment showers the night before a big paper was due. She needed as much creative brilliance as she could get. Instead, she cut out the middle man and brought her laptop into the stall of worship. She was barely able to type a few sentences while simultaneously shampooing before her computer short-circuited due to the rushing water.  

While Campos can no longer enjoy her showers due to the traumatic incident, her laptop is definitely enjoying its bath in a large bowl of rice.