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Group Project Member Disagrees with Team’s Idea, Remains Silent yet Judgmental


Photo by CollegeDegrees360 / CC BY-SA 2.0

Eliza Moss (C ‘21) is not your typical group project member. Sure, she shows up to the GSR on time and will volunteer to submit the assignment on Canvas. But even though she knows exactly how to solve 1e, 2b–d, 5a, and 8e, there’s no way in hell she is sharing that with her group-mates.  

“There’s no way that their solution would ever work. But I’m not gonna say anything about it,” says Moss. “My group is making tons of simple errors, but I would rather knowingly lose a few points here and there than confront them about it and make them feel bad," she continued. "I just nod and go along with these fools.”

“She’s kind of weird,” says Oliver Sandoval (C ‘20), one of Moss’s group-mates. “She’s really smart and clearly knows what she’s doing, but when I ask her if I’m doing a problem right, she just kind of closes her eyes and grunts.”

Update: Since the time of publication, Moss’s group received a 64% on their assignment. When reached for comment, Moss said, “yeah, well, it's not my fault my group sucked.”