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Student Dismayed to Find Out Senior Spring Doesn’t Really Start Until You Have a Job


Photo by PublicDomainPictures / CC0

When we were in high school, senior spring was a magical time full of no work and no rules. It was a time to proudly wear our University of Pennsylvania Class of 2019 shirts and start skipping first and second period every Friday (as well as every gym class). Entering senior spring of college, many students expected the same level of relaxation. Unfortunately, a new study from Penn Undergraduate Research Center has suggested a very high correlation between students who want to slack off for all of senior spring and students who don’t yet have jobs.

Peter Fischer (C ’19) is in such a position. Taking only three courses to fulfill remaining sector requirements, Fischer feels like he has ample free time to follow all of his passions (watching Netflix and getting drunk on Mondays). “Still, I feel like maybe there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing with my time,” said Fischer. “That’s when I realized that I don’t have a job yet.”

“You know the old adage: work now so you can get drunk and watch Netflix later,” said Fischer. “That really rings true for me. How do I pay for my Netflix account and beer without a job?” (Editor’s Note: Fischer is still on his parent’s Netflix plan for the foreseeable future). “I’m now more determined than ever to get a job so that at least I’ll be able to slack off during April.”