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The Collctve Goes on Wheel of Fortune to Buy a Vowel


Photo By Atom.smasher.org / CC BY-SA 3.0

After nearly four years of driving autocorrect crazy, The Collctve has gotten its final vowels.

Last weekend, club leadership went on the game show Wheel of Fortune for the sole purpose of purchasing two vowels. While things got off to a slow start when Collctve president Justin Davies (C ‘20) accidentally bought an O, one of the few vowels the Collctve already had, eventually the club rebounded and bought the proper letters.

“Yeah, Justin really screwed the pooch on that one, but he was so confident buying that E and I in the later rounds,” said College sophomore and club member Jessica Miller.

While the club was happy to finally complete its ten-letter name, they were disappointed by the strict rules of Wheel of Fortune.

“The executives said they didn’t want to pay us $800 for a photographer and DJ for the show,” said Davies. “We were gonna bring the deepest house sounds to the set. They didn’t even play any Tchami — just that jazzy game show theme song.”

Fellow member and photographer Bobby Bennington (W ‘20) agreed. “Their promo photos for the episode were trash — no squiggly lines, everyone looked sober, it was a mess.”

In the end, the newly renamed Collective went home in third place, but with two sexy new vowels to show for their performance.