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Spring Break Group Who Forgot to Plan Trip Ahead Arrives at Fifth Museum of the Day


Photo by riciardus / CC0

After buying their plane tickets to Berlin and booking their Airbnb, Philip Bickman (C ’21) and his five friends sat back and relaxed. They agreed to meet up again at some point to sort out the activities and destinations for each day. But a month went by without a mention of the trip, and Jared had a midterm when they wanted to meet, so they decided to just “figure it out” when they get there.

As Bickman strolled into his fifth German museum of the day, this one focusing on early 20th century expressionism, he began to wonder if the last-minute approach was the best move. 

“We don’t really know where to go, but I love German art. We’re big museum guys. This is great,” he lied.

The group plans to tour the Berlin nightlife, but has only a faint understanding of the club scene. “If we can’t get in or find a good club, I heard about this guy who has some old cars in a warehouse,” one of Bickman’s friends said.

After leaving the art museum, the boys will likely Uber to their Airbnb on the other side of town, begin pregaming with Smirnoff, and fall asleep.